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Partnering with Dollar Giving

Why partner with Dollar Giving?

Dollar Giving accelerates fundraising goals through crowdsourcing and microfunding focusing on a dollar a month donation from givers who want to help their community and join a movement to support and get involved with your organization.

What are the requirements to launch a campaign with Dollar Giving?

Your organization must be a 501(c)(3).  A signed Use of Agreement form is required which allows Dollar Giving to campaign on behalf of the nonprofit on its social media platforms and website.  Once there is consensus on the campaigns, Dollar Giving may ask your organization to promote the campaign on its platforms but it’s not formally required.

Campaign and Funding Management

What happens when someone donates directly to my organization’s campaign?

A donation receipt is sent directly to his or her email address provided by Dollar Giving.  The donated campaign dollar amount will increase and reflect the individual donation minus fees immediately on the campaign page.

When and how does my organization receive the money from Dollar Giving upon successful completion of a campaign?

Dollar Giving will disperse a check in the campaign amount immediately and directly to the nonprofit.  It is the expectation that the organization will spend the money on the agreed upon campaign prospectively within thirty calendar days.

What defines a completed campaign?

Campaigns are active until the goal has been achieved or ninety calendar days have elapsed since the launch of the campaign.

Once we spend the money on the campaign, are there any additional requirements with Dollar Giving?

Dollar Giving requires the nonprofit to provide content upon execution of the campaign spend to share and communicate directly to each of givers.  Examples of content may include pictures, video and quotes from nonprofit staff and recipients of the nonprofit services through the campaign.  Dollar Giving wants to promote your organization and share your success stories.

What happens when my campaign is officially completed on the Dollar Giving website?

The campaign will be moved to the ‘Successful Campaign’ section.  If you have additional campaigns that have been approved with Dollar Giving, the reoccurring dollars from the givers who originally donated to your campaign will rollover directly into the new campaign that then become active and promoted.  In the event there are no additional campaigns per the discretion of Dollar Giving, the reoccurring dollar donations will be moved into a new or existing campaign that provides a similar service or impact to the community.

Contact Dollar Giving

How can my organization get involved with Dollar Giving?

Please submit the form on this webpage.  Dollar Giving will respond back to you within three calendar days.

Who do I contact if my organization has additional questions?

Please email Bobby Nims, Executive Director.


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