Knox Community Gardens

Building greener, stronger, healthier and more beautiful neighborhoods in Hartford, KNOX’s community gardening program directly provides healthy and affordable food to 400+ Hartford families. Help us purchase a picnic table for their Evergreen Community Garden inspiring a more relaxing and community driven atmosphere.
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About the Campaign

KNOX’s community gardens bring people together providing healthy, affordable food.  Giving Hartford residents an opportunity to grow their own food locally, many donate their food to local shelters.  Purchasing a picnic table for their Evergreen Community Garden will provide community gardeners and visitors a place to rest and connect with one another.

KNOX coordinates a variety of greening programs, including workforce training, Community Gardening Program, Blooms Planters, Trees for Hartford Neighborhoods, Green Team, and Hartford Cleans Up. KNOX is an ever-growing coalition of residents, volunteers, corporate partners, and community organizations that support Hartford’s people and environment.

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