Experiencing homelessness in life is something most can’t imagine.  Nonetheless, for the close to one million people here in the United States, individuals and families are experiencing insurmountable challenges that are in desperate need for help everyday in local communities.  Supportive services to providing basic needs to transitional housing, there are many shelters here in Hartford and across the state serving this population advocating for solutions and helping those in need get back up on their feet.

On August 24th, Dollar Giving hosted Strikeout Homelessness in partnership with the Hartford YardGoats.  Upon picking up our guests from the shelters the excitement of our guests was everywhere as they rode to dinner, a tour of Dunkin Donuts Park and a baseball game with fireworks to conclude.  The rides back to the shelters were filled with gratefulness and gratitude for the opportunity of a couple hours to get away from the harsh realities of their daily struggles and enjoy the summer night.  I’m beyond proud of the volunteers who mobilized all our efforts and appreciative for our sponsors, food and beverage partners Harry’s Pizza and Foxon Beverages as well as the Hartford YardGoats for partnering with Dollar Giving and giving everyone a memorable night.  We raised a significant amount of money, had over 125 people in attendance and brought visibility to some incredible organizations in the community.  We look forward to growing this event in 2019!


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